Volunteer work in Peru

volunteer workThanks to the professionals who work with us, we can provide the best opportunities for students to do volunteer work in a local hospital, in a health center, in an orphanage, in a geriatric center, in a rehabilitation program, in a university, in a zoo etc.

Volunteer program in Cusco

We offer a volunteer work program for our students in Cusco. In our volunteer program, you can do social work in a local project while studying Spanish.

In order to participate in this program, you need to contact us and register. There is a volunteer work fee of only $50 USD. Normally, the students combine part time studying Spanish with part time working as a volunteer. You might also work as a volunteer on the weekends.

volunteer program CuscoVolunteer work options

You can choose between these possibilities to participate in this program:

  • With homeless children in centers of social assistance for children
  • Volunteer work in orphanages
  • Work in public and private hospitals in Cusco
  • Volunteer in centers for adult care
  • Volunteering in centers for mental health
  • In reformatories for young people under eighteen
  • With Non Governmental Organizations, organizing activities for social help. You will organize these activities in order to assist the poorest towns and places of the region.

To be accepted by the organization to do this volunteering work, you need to have any previous experience or studies according to the job you will fulfill. It is also required to have at least an intermediate level of Spanish. This is very important as most projects we work with operate fully in Spanish. Many times nobody within the organization speaks English or any other foreign language so make sure you understand the importance of a good understanding of the Spanish language.

If you have any questions or if you would like to enroll in our volunteer work program, please let us know.