Prices 2024

All our prices are in US Dollars.

Spanish courses

Machu Picchu tariffsP20 – Standard Course (20 hours per week)
In group: $129 per week
Individual: $195 per week

*Classes are from Monday to Friday (4 hours a day)

P30 – Intensive Course (30 hours per week)
Individual:$285 per week

*Classes are from Monday to Friday (6 hours a day)

P40 – Immersion Course (40 hours per week)
Individual: $375 per week

*Classes are from Monday to Friday (8 hours a day)

The prices for all Spanish courses include:

  • All study materials
  • Free internet access in the school
  • Weekly activities like cooking and salsa classes
  • Enrollment fee

Homestay program

homestay PeruHomestay in Cusco:
$145 per person per week

Tariffs for the program include:

  • Pick-up Service from the airport of Cusco to the guest family
  • Private bedroom, hot water, internet
  • Three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • No enrollment fee required

Apartment prices

apartment CuscoShare an apartment with other students from all over the world. A shared apartment is popular for long-term stays as it is an economical way of staying in Cusco. Staying with other international Spanish students is fun and many friendships started here!

  • Shared apartment per week: $85

Volunteer work

volunteering PeruWe offer a volunteer program in Cusco to all our students. Please contact us if you want to help out in a social project in Cusco to discuss which program suits you best.

  • Starting from a minimum of 2 weeks
  • Volunteer fee: $50 to cover the expenses we make to intermediate for your volunteer work

Free services in Cusco

  • 24/7 emergency service: in case anything happens, we will be there for you!
  • travel information and personal advice before and during your trip
  • map of the city of Cusco
  • (interactive) course material
  • placement test to evaluate your Spanish level
  • weekly activities such as cooking, welcome dinner or salsa class
  • internet and WI-FI in our school

If you would like to register now, please book here.