Spanish courses in Peru!

Our language school in Cusco

Spanish course in CuscoWelcome to our Spanish language school, located in Cusco, Peru. Our Spanish school is a very respected and well-known language school in Cusco. We offer Spanish language courses as a second language for students from all over the world and our courses are suitable for people of all ages. The courses are divided by levels and modalities. Besides that you can take our homestay program in Cusco with local host families.

We offer you a professional staff with an exceptional capacity to work with you. We use an innovative methodology of teaching through a more experiential Spanish. And we have a true passion for the language and the Peruvian culture.

Where we are located

CuscoOur school is located in downtown Cusco, surrounded by an amazing architecture. This city was the ancient center of the Inca Culture (great pre-Hispanic civilization of South America). In Cusco, you can feel a special mysticism just walking on the streets! That is why we combine the language learning with the mysticism of the Andes of Peru. Studying Spanish here with us, you will meet people from all over the world and meet local people. This way you can discover much more about the exciting Andean culture.

Our aims

Our aim is to provide you an excellent experience in Cusco Peru, learning the language as well as the local culture. We offer you much more than a language program within a friendly atmosphere. We aim to be the best Spanish school in Cusco and offer you an adventure you will never forget.

Why Spanish courses in Peru?

Spanish in PeruWe have many reasons why you should choose us to study Spanish in Cusco. Here are 10 of the most important reasons:

  • We offer you the best language teachers in Cusco, selected from different study centers.
  • Professional programs with flexibility in hours.
  • The motivation we have is so great that we prepare innovative working methods each day, which makes our classes dynamic and fun.
  • You will learn the language, but you will also learn about the Peruvian culture.
  • We will make you feel at home in our Spanish school.
  • The perfect location in the center of Cusco.
  • Cusco is the best option to learn Spanish in Latin America.
  • Many of our students do volunteer work, helping poor children in the Cusco area.
  • We work with the nicest guest families in Cusco to provide you with the perfect homestay in Cusco.
  • Thanks to our experience we know what you want and what you need during your stay with us in Cusco.

We invite you to follow a program with us, so come to our Spanish language school in Cusco!

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